New Ikelite & Olympus TG 7 Camera & Housing Kit


Get the Olympus TG 7 & Ikelite Camera Kit (Olympus Tg6 Australia). This compact powerhouse delivers exceptional image quality & durability, building on the legacy of the Olympus TG-6. Shop Now at Digital Diver (Official Dealer).


Ikelite & Olympus TG 7 Camera & Housing Kit


Get the Ikelite and Olympus TG 7 (Olympus TG6 Legacy) Camera & Housing Kit if you want to travel with a system that’s extremely small and lightweight. The OM System Tough TG-7 with Ikelite ULTRAcompact Underwater Housing is a perfect choice.

The Olympus camera brand was sold in 2020 and rebranded as OM System. The newly formed company is committed to building on the strengths of the Olympus brand. In 2023, they introduced the Tough TG-7.

The OM TG-7 has a bright 25-100mm mid-range zoom lens and a high-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor for excellent performance in low-light settings. If you love to hunt down the small stuff, you’ll find that the TG-7’s microscope mode is among the best macro options available underwater right now. This camera is capable of macro close-up images that are as good as if not better than expensive mirrorless cameras.

When you want to explore wide-angle photography, you’ll be glad to have the only underwater housing that supports the use of the incredible FCON-T02 Fisheye Lens. Just swap out the flat port for the optional Dome Port and gain the ability to go from macro to wide angle on the same dive. The FCON-T02 with Dome Port is super lightweight and allows full zoom through at the touch of a button. This combination makes it easy to shoot split shots (half-in, half-out of the water), which can be difficult or impossible with external wide-angle lenses.

The OM TG-7 supports ultra HD 4K video and RAW image capture, which is a powerful tool for post-dive colour corrections using either Adobe Lightroom or the included software. The OM TG-7 is waterproofed to 15mtr (50’) even without a housing, which makes the set-up a little less stress-inducing.


Due to the position of the camera’s flash in relation to its lens, the built-in flash is not suitable to illuminate photos underwater. For the best colour and clarity, we recommend adding a filter, strobe, or constant-on light. The built-in flash may be used to trigger external strobes via a fibre optic sync cord. Two ports are provided for the connection of up to two fibre optic cords.

Due to the indirect fibre optic mount, this housing will not function in RC or TTL mode with the Olympus UFL-3 Strobe. We recommend purchasing the Ikelite DS-51 Mark II Strobe and Slave TTL Converter for use with this camera and housing combination.

Any current model Ikelite DS strobe can be triggered optically with true automatic Olympus TTL exposure using the RC1 TTL Receiver # 4412 and Ikelite Fibre Optic Cord # 4501. The AF35 strobe is not compatible with this housing.

Wide Angle

The DC1 6″ Dome Port # 6401 offers the best of everything: wide-angle, macro, and over-under all on one dive. This special dome port replaces the housing’s standard port and provides a sharp 25mm wide-angle, full zoom through and macro capabilities, and is perfect for split shots (half-in, half-out of the water).

The WD-3 Wide Angle Dome # 6430.3 provides a mid-range angle of view with no vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image).

The W-30 Wide Angle Lens, INON UWL-H100, and AOI 67mm threaded wide-angle lenses provide a wider maximum angle of view. Because these are separated from the camera’s lens by glass, air, and water, some vignetting and edge distortion will be present. These effects can be reduced or eliminated by using a smaller aperture, zooming in slightly, and/or cropping in post-production.

Housing Features:

  • Flat Port with 67mm thread
  • 60m (200 ft) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions except the INFO button
  • Slightly positive buoyancy in freshwater
  • 1/4-20 thread tray mounting with 76mm (3-inch) spacing
  • Weight 500 g (1.1 lb)
  • Dimensions 158 x 141 x 85 mm (6.2 x 5.5 x 3.6 inch)
  • 2-Year Warranty

Camera Features:

  • 12 megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor
  • RAW image capture
  • 25-100mm equivalent f/2-4.9 zoom lens
  • Bright 3″ rear LCD screen
  • Supports RC TTL flash with compatible strobe systems
  • Microscope mode for close-up macro photography
  • Focus stacking mode
  • Waterproof, shockproof camera body
  • CIPA battery life rating of 330 shots per charge

In the Box

  • Ikelite Underwater Housing # 6233.06
  • OM TOUGH TG-7 Digital Camera (Red)

Camera includes:

  • OM LI-92B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (3.6V, 1350mAh)
  • OM USB Cable
  • OM Wrist Strap
  • OM Manual



Digital Diver is the official distributor/importer of Ikelite products in Australia. Ikelite is a leading Underwater Photography Manufacturer based in the USA with over 50 years of experience producing top-quality underwater housings, strobes, & accessories. Ikelite products can be found in the hands of amateur and professional photographers worldwide from Tropical Waters to Polar Ice Caps. All Ikelite’s products are designed and made in the USA.

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