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If you are looking for Underwater Cameras Housings, Underwater Camera Lights, Underwater Video Lights & much more Digital Diver has Australia’s most extensive range of Underwater Photographic Equipment.

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Welcome to the largest range of underwater cameras equipments in Australia for diving & underwater photography. We’re the official Ikelite Australia distributor, offering top-notch diving cameras & gear to capture stunning underwater adventures. Explore Digital Diver today!. When you’re visiting the Great Barrier Reef on your next Diving or Snorkelling Adventure you are welcome to visit our Cairns store. Otherwise, we are just a phone call or email away and your Underwater Camera Gear can be shipped anywhere in Australia. 

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Below are some of our favourite top-selling underwater cameras and photography products. 

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Arms & Trays

Underwater Camera Trays, Arms, Float Arms, Clamps & Mounts.

Underwater Camera Housings

Underwater Camera Housings & Accessories.


Underwater Housing Ports, Extensions Rings & Gears.

Wet Lenses & Adapters

Wide Angle & Macro lenses, Filters, Lens Adapters.


Underwater Strobes, Video Lights, Dive Torches & Accessories.


All Drone products.

Action Cameras

All Action Camera products.

Smart Phones

All Smart Phone products.

Our Suppliers

We distribute underwater camera housings  and accessories from 10Bar, AOI, Aquatica, Fantasea, GoPro, Hugyfot, Hyperion, I-Divesite, Ikelite, Intova, Leak Insure,  Light & Motion, Olympus, PolarPro, Sea & Sea, Tovatec and X-adventurer.  We also stock a full range of strobes and lights, lenses, arms and accessories to fit most underwater camera housings.

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