PolarPro GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Snorkel Filter


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Polar Pro GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Green Water Colour Correction Glass Filter

Magenta Filter for Colour Correction in Green Water. Glass lens for superior optics and scratch resistance.

Fits On: GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Waterproof Housing
  • New Aqua Magenta Colour Formula
  • Glass Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Easy Slide on/off Design
  • Includes: Microfiber Bag

The Aqua3+ Magenta Filter for the GoPro Hero3+ is our newest and most effective colour correction formula yet. We have take all the data inputs from previous magenta filters and improved upon them even further. We bulked up the frame on the new Aqua series as well as over moulded the glass for even more strength. The Aqua magenta filter colour corrects flawlessly in green water from 8 to 65 feet deep.

The filter will securely slide onto the Hero3+ waterproof housing and can be installed and removed in less than a second. The pressure fit is very snug but just in case a tether is included.

We had a chance to test the new filter down in San Diego on a day when the water was very green. The new magenta formula makes a huge difference in any green water, whether it be freshwater or saltwater.

Why Do You Need a Magenta Filter?

When diving red light loss causes the cameras white balance to freak out. When diving in green water, the colour red is taken out of the spectrum, the only colour left is green! The leaves for some horrible looking lime green footage. Simply throw our magenta filter on there and it reduces excess green colours leaving behind naturally balanced colours. Take a peek at our comparison video below and see what we are talking about.

Comparison Video



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