PolarPro GoPro Hero3 Polarizer Filter


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Polar Pro Cube Polarizer Filter for GoPro Hero3 Housing #pp-hd3pf

New Cube Polarizer Filter for the Hero3 is sure improve your Hero 3 video quality. Filter snaps on and off with ease for maximum versatility. The Cube polarizer filter is made out of strong optically correct materials for increased longevity. This filter was designed for use with the new GoPro Hero 3 cameras (White, Silver, and Black Editions). A polarizer filter is a great tool to use when filming near water, snow, or in bright sunny conditions. The filter will effectively reduce glare and light bouncing off of water and snow, giving you the best quality videos. A second benefit of the polarizer filter is the ability to increase colour saturation while also increasing contrast. This simple accessory is a great addition to your new Hero 3 camera. There is a reason why professional photographers and videographers use polarizer filters, and now you can too, with your GoPro Hero 3!

Polarizer Filter Includes

  • Filter
  • Tether
  • Storage Bag

When to use

This filter has been proven to work in almost all conditions just short of when it is dumping snow or dark and gloomy. Glare is often present even when it is cloudy, and although the filter may darken the video slightly, it is much easier to lighten up a slightly darker video, than trying to correct an overexposed video. When it is Sunny or partly cloudy it is a sure bet that this filter will help improve your video quality.

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