Olympus Anti-reflection Ring for 14-42 II-R mm 1 micro 4:3 Lens


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Olympus - OM System

Olympus POSR-EP05 Anti-Reflection Ring for 14-42 II-R mm 1 micro 4:3 Lens

The POSR-EP05 Anti-Reflecting Ring for selected Olympus Housings blocks the writing, such as aperture, focal length, etc., on the front element of your lens from being reflected in the glass of your housing’s lens port. This prevents the writing from showing up in your photos or videos.
Special Order Product 4 – 6 weeks delivery.



Olympus Imaging sold its camera division to OM Digital Solutions and has been rebranded as OM System. This rebranding encompasses a range of products including interchangeable lens cameras, compact digital cameras, underwater camera equipment, and binoculars.

Digital Diver, a provider of top-quality underwater equipment and services in Asutralia for Olympus customers over the past 6 years, is excited to continue this tradition by offering our dedicated underwater photographers these innovative products under the OM System brand.

Olympus - OM System
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