Magic Filter Acrylic – 77mm screw thread


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Acrylic Auto-Magic filter 77mm screw thread 
For external mounting on digital Compact camera housings.

The AMS is a 3mm thick acrylic filter available in a variety of sizes and in a variety of mounts to be used externally on a range of underwater housings for compact cameras and videos. Being external mounting it can be added and removed during a dive. This filter is available as a threaded, screw-on filter, in sizes from 37mm or 82mm. It is supplied with an instruction booklet and a lint-free anti-static lens cloth for cleaning the filter after use.

Please note that the Auto-Magic filter is also available as a 50x50mm sheet of gel filter for internal mounting on your underwater camera. Both filters use the same filter recipe.

Sample before and after photo with the Auto-Magic on a digital compact camera, both before and after shots were taken on auto exposure and auto white balance:

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