Hugyfot Nikon Z6 MkII & Z7 MkII Housing


The Z6/7 housing is machined out of a solid block AlMgSi1 high-strength aluminium. Each housing is sanded by hand, sandblasted and finished with a ceramic polymer-based thin film coating.

The housing is pressure rated to 100m.

Camera control

All Nikon Z6/7 II camera controls can be accessed (on/off, shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, program dial, main dial, push buttons, lens release, FN1, FN2).

Standard housing configuration
  • HugyCheck system
  • 1 M16 accessory port
  • 2 optical outlets (for 2 fibre optical cables – cables not included)
  • 2 rigid aluminium handles with a 1-inch ball mount
  • soft neoprene handle for one-hand photography
  • gearwheel drive for manual zoom or focus control
  • standard viewfinder
  • Hugyfot bayonet adaptor for port mounting
  • Hugyfot easy locking system with closing levers
  • large window for back colour LCD screen
  • small window for the top screen
  • ball mount on top of the housing

The housing can be equipped with the Hugyfot:

  • Flat Ports
  • Wide-Angle Ports
  • Fisheye Dome Port
  • Extension Rings

Please check the Hugyfot lens charts to look up compatible lenses.



Digital Diver is the official distributor/importer of Hugyfot products in Australia. Hugyfot was founded in 1953 in Switzerland and has been developing and manufacturing unique Underwater Housings for GoPro, DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras. Amongst the first customers were Hans Hass, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and Leni Riefenstahl. Hugyfot produces compact and ergonomically shaped housings which have proven to be much loved by both professional and semi-professional photographers. Hugyfot Underwater Housings always stand out in the crowd. Digital Diver is the official distributor/importer of Hugyfot Products in Australia.

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