AOI UH-OM1 Olympus OM1 Housing Black


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AOI UH-OM1 Olympus OM1 Housing

The AOI UH-OM1 housing is designed to accommodate the Olympus / OM System OM1 mirrorless camera.

A Port is required to make this housing waterproof (not included). Compatible with AOI/Olympus PEN Mount Ports & Extensions.

The new UH-OM1 housing from AOI is a homage to the origins of the Olympus OM-1. The housing delivers a similar user experience to the camera when shooting underwater. This includes being able to use some of the most popular lenses for underwater photography while keeping the entire housing and the corresponding ports compact and lightweight. After all, what is the point of using the OM-1 underwater when it handles like a truck and weighs like one too?

When Smaller is Better

Don’t be deceived by the demure stats of the UH-OM1. Although weighing only 1079 grams, it comes with a smart control system that manages the built-in integrated flash trigger, Vacuum Analyser & Wet Detection Systems, and is fully rechargeable. The outside dimension is only 195.9mm (W) x 129.7mm (H) x 149.7mm (D) and it is fully compatible with legacy port systems from Olympus as well as those from AOI. The ergonomic design and hand grip make it a favourite for Freedivers or Surfers. For example, when paired with a 7-14mm PRO lens, using the PEN To OMD Converter Extension Ring and 8” Glass Dome on the UH-OM1 housing, the entire rig is still positively buoyant. When using the new plastic Macro Port with the 60mm Macro Lens it is 90gm positively buoyant, which is almost neutrally buoyant making the entire system a joy to handle.

Big Features Inside

One of the ‘biggest’ features in the housing is the integrated Optical Trigger. Carried over from the AOI UH-EM1iii, the Optical Trigger is compatible with the camera’s RC mode. The Optical Trigger will allow photographers to use the Super FP Mode, TTL or Manual. On a compatible strobe system like the AOI UCS-Q1RC, images will be well exposed with vibrant colours consistently without the need to adjust the strobe output. The Optical Trigger also means that the use of high shutter speed is possible when using a compatible strobe. Be it fast-moving, hard-to-shoot macro critters or creating compelling compositions, using high shutter speed is now available to underwater photographers. Opening a host of possibilities and options to underwater photographers.

Safe and Sound

Although the OM-1 camera achieves a water-resistant rating of IP53, it does not mean it is waterproof. The housing benefits from having the integrated Vacuum Analyzer and Wet Detection System, a preventive and early warning system. Prior to diving, the housing is vacuum sealed and the system monitors the internal pressure. Should there be a change of pressure in the housing, indicating a possible leak; the audible and visual alarm will go off. Giving users plenty of time to safely ascend from the dive, preventing a very costly misfortune.

Legacy Compatibility

AOI understands that many existing Olympus users will likely upgrade from their older system to the new OM-1 and although the UH-OM1 uses the PEN port mount system, a PEN to OMD Converter Extension Ring is available to those wishing to make use of their OMD port mount system on the UH-OM1 housing. The Converter Extension Ring, a range of ports and corresponding zoom/focus gears is also available making the transition to the new system a fuss-free affair.

User Focused

The design philosophy of the UH-OM1 housing is to provide users of the OM System OM-1 a way to enjoy the camera as it was designed. If OM Systems spent time and resources on making a camera a joy to handle, why should the underwater housing be the exception? As the saying goes “Good things come in small packages”.

In The Box

  • UH-OM1 Housing Body (Black)
  • Body Cap / Storage Box for PEN Mount Housing
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Lcd Monitor Hood
  • Spare O-ring for Vacuum Valve Protection Cap (1pc)
  • Vacuum Pump (Valve Fitted to Housing)
  • Spare Main O-Ring (1pc)
  • Spare Secondary Seal Ring (1pc)
  • Silicone Grease
  • Silica Gel
  • Lanyard
  • O-Ring Remover
  • Hot Shoe to connect to housing
  • User Manual



Digital Diver is the official distributor/importer of AOI products in Australia. AOI Limited was founded in 1994 in Hong Kong by a team of engineering professionals. AOI first started manufacturing Compact Film Cameras but quickly progressed to Single-use Underwater Cameras and Underwater Digital Camera Housings. AOI also produces a quality range of Underwater Optics, Underwater Conversion Lenses and Lens Port Systems for underwater housings. AOI is an OEM/ODM Underwater Camera Housing and Underwater Electronic Products manufacturer for many well-known Underwater Brands.
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