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SEACAM silver Canon EOS 5D MK11 Underwater Housing

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SEACAM silver CANON EOS5D MKII Underwater Housing
Camera not included.  

- The SEACAM silver for the CANON EOS5D MKII sets new standards in design and ergonomics. Due to the special construction, the mounting of the camera is especially easy.
- The housing is milled out of a saltwater-proof light metal alloy twice hardened and high-value anodized.
- Special longevity is achieved through use of materials of only the best quality: stainless steel, anodized aluminium, premium synthetics as well as Helicoil threads.
- Double sealing with seamless, high-quality precision O-rings protects all shafts and press buttons. The main O-ring is of a particularly strong dimension.
- The titanium SAFETY LOCK fastening system safely secures both housing shells.
- Our interchangeable viewfinder system includes 4 different viewfinders and can be exchanged without any tool.
- The easy mounting system and the double O-ring sealing particularly secures the SEACAM front port connection with its bayonet thread.

Turning knobs and control levers:
Main switch, shutter release, front /rear dial, manual focus, zoom, mode, AF-drive, +/- flash compensation / ISO, AF-ON, AF-area control, AE-storage, live view, lens release.
Push buttons:
Measuring mode / white balance, LCD light, menu, style, info, play, delete, set / movie.

- Clearly laid out LCD colour monitor window and upper display window.
- 2 flash sockets N5 or S6
- 2 flash arm tees 25mm
- Tripod thread 3/8"
- M8 thread on the housing roof
- 2 removable handles
- Optic-acoustical water alarm
Remote USB socket - optional
- Spare O-ring set, lubricant, hex-wrench set and locking strap in neoprene bag; protection caps and instruction manual. 
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 190 x 130 mm excluding port, viewfinder and handles.
- Weight: 2750g excluding port and viewfinder, neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.
- Operation depth: - 80m, deeper operation depth on request.

In order to see what you are shooting, SEACAM silver housings are available with different viewfinders. Even looking through the diving mask, special optics display a clear viewfinder image up to three times the normal size and makes image composition significantly easier for you. SEACAM viewfinders can all be removed very quickly for transport and can be exchanged without the need of tools.  There are 4 viewfinders available; Pro G, S10, S45 & S180

A variety of lenses is indispensable for ambitious photography. The gauge and the interface for perfect images is the front glass. The SEACAM front port system has been valued as benchmark for uncompromised image display quality for years. The first class system is extremely diverse. Precise flat ports and perfectly adapted dome ports for wide angle lenses retain their brilliance under water just like the super wide angle and fisheye lenses. Click here for Seacam ports.

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