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SEA&SEA Canon 1D/1DS Mark 111 Underwater Housing

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MDX-PRO Mark III Sea & Sea underwater Housing for Canon EOS 1D Mark III & 1Ds Mark III Digital Cameras
This digital SLR housing is the result of our pursuit performance and high reliability. 
Camera not included. 

Accessories: Housing body cap, hex wrench, CR2032 lithium battery, attachment tool
O-ring Set: Product No. 62136
Port sold separately.

Relevant Information:
Replacement of the strobe sync connector (6-pin wired  2-pin wired)
Consult a SEA&SEA authorized service center for more compatibility information. 

Customizing the housing offers additional functions. You can replace the 6-pin wired TTL converter connector on the top of the housing with a 2-pin wired strobe connector for an additional cost. This modification provides two 2-pin wired strobe connectors so you can connect two SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes.
*This modification does not support automatic TTL flash adjustment.
*It requires the 5-pin Sync Cord/N.
YS-Series Strobes:
YS-01, YS-02, YS-250m, YS-110a

Uses a lightweight and durable aluminium body that can withstand even the most severe shooting environments
The aluminium material used in the MDX series housings realizes a body that is both lightweight and strong. Because we envisioned photographers’ harsh usage environments, the body was successfully brought to an even higher level of perfection through the implementation of anodized aluminium processing. The all-new high-rigidity, high-durability, high-precision MDX series demonstrates the highest levels of performance under a variety of shooting conditions.

Manual adjustment is possible without releasing the grips
Designed for easy operation so you can comfortably reach the main dial and quick control dial with your fingers, while keeping your hands on the grips. Delicate operations are possible even while you are looking through the viewfinder. The larger diameter of frequently-used dials allows you to change the shutter speed or aperture value with a light touch while supporting the framing. This frees you, the photographer, to concentrate only on the perfect chance for a great picture.

TTL converter connector employed as standard
The included 6-pin wired connector accepts the optional YS Converter/C. The converter works with the YS-Series strobes to provide automatic TTL flash adjustment.
*The converter requires the 5-pin Sync Cord/N for connecting to a strobe.
*The MDX-PRO Mark? housing comes from the factory with these bulkhead connectors: one type-N (2-pin wired) connector and one 6-pin (6-pin wired) connector.
*To use two SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes with the factory-equipped bulkhead connectors, you must use the 5-pin Dual Sync Cord/N.

Housing Includes:
Controls almost all of the Canon EOS-1D/1Ds Mark III’s essential functions underwater.
- Every detail of the housing is precision machined from a solid aluminium block to achieve a high-quality texture and design. All edges have been polished carefully for safety.
- Manufactured from solid block aluminium alloy with all edges carefully polished for safety.
- The housing is protected by a highly corrosion resistant anodized (black) coating. The coating protects the housing from environmental corrosion and abrasions.
- Comes standard with two bulkhead connectors: one type-N connector (2-pin wired for manual) and one 6-pin wired connector (for dedicated TTL).
- Equipped with a Optical Viewfinder 0.66x standard. Interchangeable 0.5x/0.8x viewfinders (optional) are also available.
- Compatible with the Shutter-activated Focus Light (optional, factory modification is required).
- A built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage.
- Strong and durable build, with a depth rating of up to 60m / 200ft.

Construction: Body: corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy (machined)
                      Grip: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium alloy
Depth rating: 60m / 200ft
Dimensions: Width 335mm x Height 220mm x Depth 147mm / 13.4 x 8.8 x 5.9inch
Weight: Approx. 3,150g / 110.3oz (Housing only)

5-pin Dual Sync Cord/N
5-pin Sync Cord/N
Optical Viewfinder 0.8x
Optical Viewfinder 0.5x
YS Converter/C 

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