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Polar Pro GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Polarizer Glass Filter

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Polar Pro GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Polarizer Glass Filter
Polarizer filter for filming in bright conditions near snow or water. Reduces glare and prevents overexposure.

Fits On: GoPro Hero4 and 3+ Waterproof Housing

  • Reduces Glare and Prevents Overexposure
  • Glass Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Easy Slide On/Off Design
  • Increases Colour Saturation and Improves Colours


This is the filter it all started with back in October of 2010. It has certainly come a long way and has transformed into an extremely easy to use filter for the GoPro Hero3+. This newest version features a brand new glass filter, which has better optics, and is even stronger than the last edition. Also, we beefed up the frame and over moulded the glass to increase durability even more.

We use this polarizer filter pretty much whenever we are filming outside. As long as its not very cloudy and dark, the polarizer reduces unwanted reflections and cleans up the video quite nicely. Sometimes the polarizer is almost necessary, especially when filming on bright bluebird days in the snow, or near water. The polarizer also increases colour saturation making colours look even more vibrant. We also slide it on when shooting in the car to remove glare off the windshield, dashboard, and the road. Its a very helpful accessory for the GoPro Hero3+ and is super easy to slide on and slide off.


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