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Polar Pro GoPro Hero3 Close-Up Lens & Blue Water Colour Correction Glass Filter

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Polar Pro Macro/Close-Up Lens with Red Glass Colour Correction Filter for GoPro HD3 Housing.


This Red Macro Combo snaps onto the waterproof Hero3 housing. Once on, the Macro lens can be swung open or closed. The macro lens will also lock back into place to stay out of the way while filming. The combo has a glass red filter for professional grade optics as well as a macro lens for razor sharp close-ups.


  • Glass Red Filter
  • Acrylic Macro Lens-Hero3
  • Storage Bag
  • Tether


What is it?

This is hands down the best GoPro Accessory for Scuba Divers. This combo includes a glass red filter, and a macro lens that can be flipped on or off.  It will completely transform what your GoPro can do under water.  You will not only get the best colour correction available on the market, you will be able to capture razor sharp reef and fish close-ups with the macro lens. This macro lens is considered to be a light powered macro lens for focusing on subjects from 5cm (2 inches) away.

Who is it for?

This Polar Pro glass red filter is for users demanding the best optics available. In addition the glass is superior to acrylic or other red filters due to the scratch resistance rating. This glass red filter is very difficult to scratch and will give you professional grade colour correction for many years. The Macro lens completely changes the way you can use your GoPro HD3 camera. Just flip over the macro lens and transform your wide angled GoPro into a razor sharp close up capturing machine. Capture vivid reef and tropical fish close ups with the macro lens.

What is a Polar Pro Macro Lens?

This macro lens is designed to reduce the focal length of the GoPro Camera. This is great for capturing razor sharp close-ups. This is huge for GoPro users because this macro lens will give your Hero3 footage a completely new look. The standard wide angle shots can be repetitive, close up macro shots are a great way to add creative flare to your edits.

When to use:

This lens allows the camera to focus on subjects from 5cm to 45cm (2 to 18 inches) away from the camera lens. It also acts as a magnify glass pulling the centre of the frame closer. You will not want the macro lens on when filming subjects further than 24 inches away from the camera lens.

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