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PATIMA Canon 600D Housing

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Patima PDCH-600D Housing.

Exclusively made for the Canon DSLR EOS-600D Camera.

  • Material: Aluminum alloy, acetyl, stainless steel.
  • Manufacturing: Machining each piece out of aluminum ingot
  • Finishing: Anodized coating after barrel sanding, urethane coating.
  • Camera installation: Saddle-way.
  • Port installation: 100mm screw method (same as Nexus port).
  • Viewfinder: 4 Glass-elements constructed optical pick-up finder.
  • Flash Bulkheads:
    • 2 Nikonos 5-pin style sync sockets are built-in
    • 2 fiber-optic cable adapters are standard
  • Operational depth: 120 meters (496 feet).
  • Size: 180 x 160 x 116mm (w/out handles and port).
  • Weight: 2,200g (w/handles).
  • Control: All functions of Canon EOS 600D
  • Ports are not included.

Port Options:

  • 160mm Glass Dome Port
  • 160mm Acrylic Dome Port
  • 60mm Macro Port (Glass)
  • 10mm, 30mm & 40mm Port Extension Rings
  • 10-22 Zoom Extension Ring

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