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Sola Video 4000 by Light & Motion

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Sola Video 4000 by Light & Motion. L&M-850-0111 

**** No Mounts included***

A reinvention of the underwater video light. Forget the canisters and cables and power draining HIDs that fail. The Sola 4000 will suit even the most hardened professional underwater video maker.


Sola™ dive lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding. Control is accomplished with a magnetic slider on the top of the body. Slide forward or back to turn on. Hold forward or back to turn off. Rotate to lock.

Smart Dashboard: Seven indicator lights at the back report the light mode setting, battery status and charging status.


Multi-voltage 3.5A charger with interchangeable blades for international use. Built-in lithium-ion battery is charged through external charge ports with gold plated receivers for years of use. Factory sealed design makes charging fast and easy without ever having to open the light.


Lumens/Run Time (Per Level):

Level 7- 4000 / 50

Level 6- 3000 / 60

Level 5- 2000 / 90

Level 4- 1500 / 120

Level 3- 1000 / 180

Level 2- 750 / 240

Level 1- 875 / 360


Charge Time:

Full- 150 Min

80%- 90 Min

70%- 60 Min


Size & Weight:

89mm x 144mm & 790 gr. w/out mount

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