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Tovatec Compact Torch by Intova

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Tovatec Compact Torch by Intova

The Tovatec Compact Torch features a 3AAA battery design with a magnetic push style switch.  The beam is focused for maximum distance and the switch provides settings for reduced beam and strobe features.  Anodized aluminium construction, bright 130 lumens LED and 400 foot waterproof capacity combine to create a great light for a variety of uses.

- Model#: ICOM
- LED: 1 CREE – 130 Lumens
- LED lifetime: 100,000 hours
- Battery: 3 AAA (not included)
- Burn Time: 6 hours
- Variable Power: Full/30%/strobe
- Beam Angle: 12 degrees
- Switch: Magnetic tail
- Material: Aluminium
- Depth rating: 400 feet/122 meters
- Dimensions: 5.5 inches L x 1.4 inches W
- Weight: 6.5 oz (with batteries)

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