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Ikelite 9575.4 Stem mount tube

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#9575.4 Ikelite Stem Mount Tube

#9575.4 snaps into the top of the SLR Release Handle allowing use of #4074.1 Lite Mount for the Mini C-Lite or Super C-Lites.
The Mini C-Lite now features our special very high intensity Halogen bulb in this indestructible underwater light.
Mini C-Lite in a range of colours: #1100, #1120, #1123, #1103
The Super C-Lite H Rechargeable provides ultra-intense 18 watt penetrating wide beam coverage in a very compact size with low weight for the traveling diver.

The Stem Mount Tube includes a removable 3/8-16 stud and the wing nut for attachment of other accessories. It can also be used to attach our Digital Meter to Release Handles.

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