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Ikelite 6341.56 flex arm 50W Pro Video-Lite

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#6341.56 50-Watt Pro Video-Lite 3 with Flex Arm

Note: Although discontinued, you may also like the Pro-2800 LED Video-Lite #6328.02

Complete system includes:
- Video Lite Head 
- Flex Arm
- Battery Pack with Pouch & Mounting Hardware
- Cable with In-Line Switch
- Pro/Spd Charger.
Package with SA-100 Arm: #6341.55

Head Size: Length 13.5 x Width 6.6 x Depth 5.6cm (5 x 2.6 x 2”)
Battery Size: Length 11 x Width 16.5 x Depth 4cm (5 x 7 x 1.5”)
Intensity: 50 watt primary, 20 watt modelling light
Beam Angle: 100 degrees primary
Colour temperature: 3400 degrees K
Video Lamps: Halogen 12 Volt
Batteries: 13 volt 4.5Ah NiMH
Burn time: 55 minutes
Weight in Air: 2.4kg (5.3 pounds)
Weight Underwater: 0.9kg (2 pounds)
Depth Rating: 90 meters (300 feet)

Pro Video-Lite 3: 
The Pro Video-Lite 3 combines exceptionally even lighting coverage with a compact design that attaches easily, and provides exceptional handling while adding very little weight to the video housing underwater.

PRO Video-Lite Head:
The ultra compact light head is offered with 100 watt or 50 watt primary video lamps, and includes a separate 20 watt modelling/diving light. The ultra-wide 100 degree primary light coverage is free of any hot-spots. 

On-Off Switch:
A unique switch is mounted in the cord that connects the battery pack and light head. This switch mounts on the housing handle for convenient finger-tip operation without removing your hand from the handle.

The Pro Video-Lite 3 is powered by a compact, lightweight battery pack. The pack encompasses industrial grade NiMH batteries and approaches neutral buoyancy underwater. The included soft battery pouch attaches the pack to the bottom of any Ikelite video housing in place of the housing's original base. Combine two battery packs in the double battery pouch to power a second light head or double the burn time of a single light head. 
NOTE: Maximum battery demand cannot exceed 100W per pack at any given time. Use of dual 100W light heads requires two battery packs. 

Pro/SpD Charger: 
The Pro/SpD Charger provides more complete recharging, offers trickle maintenance charge, and prolongs battery life. Auto adjusts to any input voltage from 100-240V. Includes interchangeable AC adapters for worldwide use. Recharge time 5 hours. 

Mounting Arm:
The Pro Video Lite 3 system is currently offered with choice of arm system for mounting the light head to the Ikelite video housing. Either system provides flexibility to aim the light head in a multitude of positions for wide angle or macro video. 

The Flex Pop Bead Arm:
This arm is lightweight for travel and easy to adjust. The arm is 23cm (9") in overall length. Additional pop beads can be purchased in 4-piece sticks to extend the arm. 
#9350.44 Flex Arm Extension

The SA-100 Ball Socket Arm:
This arm is heavy duty and provides maximum holding power. The arm is 25.4 cm (10") in overall length. Optional arm components are available to allow for expansion or customization of the SA-100 Arm system. 

SpD LITE Conversion:
The Pro Video-Lite 3 can be converted to our Specialty Diving Light by adding the SpD Lite Head and the battery pack tank mounting system.

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