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Ikelite 6095 HFS10,S11,S100 Canon Underwater Housing

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#6095 underwater Housing for the Canon Legria HFS10, S11 & S100 Video Cameras
Video camera not included.

Molded of clear polycarbonate to provide seamless construction and corrosion proof performance. This "Clearly Superior" design provides full view of the camcorder, control functions, o-ring seal and assurance the system is safe up to 200 feet (60 meters). The system's compact size and weight make it a breeze to travel with. A complete housing and camera combination weighs less than 8 pounds (3.6 kg). The housing with camera installed is very slightly negative in salt-water for stability. Housing including base and handle assembly measures only 11" (27cm) wide; 8" (20cm) high; and 8" (20cm) deep. The housing accommodates Canon BP-807, BP-819 & BP-827 batteries. The camera's LCD viewing screen can be seen directly through the housing back. Rear controls provide access to the camera's joystick menu-driven functions including custom white balance.

An included UR/Pro Colour Filter provides colour correction in tropical blue water with available sunlight up to 80 feet (24 meters). The filter attaches to the front of the housing's lens port and can be removed and replaced while underwater. An optional filter #6441.81 is also available to achieve more natural tones in green water settings. The base removes instantly with a unique toggle clamp for traveling or attaching of the optional Pro Video-Lite 3 battery pack. The handle assembly detaches from the housing by removal of just two nuts for packing.

The housing port is threaded allowing the use of 67mm threaded macro lenses. The camera's extremely large lens element prevents the effective use of external wide angle conversion lenses.

Housing Features:
Rear-view LCD Monitor
Power On/Off Control
Record Start/Stop
Zoom Control
Snapshot Control
Joystick Controls
Mode Dial Control
Function Button
Custom Button
Custom Dial
Removable UR/Pro Filter

Wide Angle Option:
Special ports are available for use with the Raynox DCR-730 wide-angle lens. A 58-52mm step-down ring is required for the attachment of the DCR-730 lens. Optional ports sold separately as dome port #9306.70 or flat lens port #9306.71. Raynox DCR-730 lens not included. Raynox lens and step-down ring not available for purchase through Ikelite.
Keep in mind that flat ports underwater have a magnifying effect due to the refraction of light. On the surface at full wide angle the HF S10/S100 cameras have a 43.5mm equivalent focal length, which becomes about 57mm underwater. The effective focal length underwater with the Raynox DCR-730 is approximately 40.5mm with the optional flat port or 30.5mm with the optional dome port.

Video Light Options:
Watch your video quality improve dramatically by adding light to your system. The Pro-V8 LED Video Lite #6320 is the ultimate in easy and affordable video lighting. The Pro-V8 features a 45° angle of coverage, 10-hour burn time and daylight balanced colour temperature in a compact package at a very realistic price. 
Or opt for the super wide professional grade coverage of the Pro Video Lite 3 #6341.56 for 50 Watt; #6341.06 for 100 Watt. The Pro Video Lite 3 boasts a whopping 100° angle of coverage completely free of hot spots and an eco-friendly rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

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