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Ikelite 6093 Video Housing for Canon HF M40,M41,M400

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Ikelite Underwater Video Housing for the Canon Vixia HF M40, M41 & M400 Video Cameras


Moulded of clear polycarbonate to provide seamless construction and corrosion proof performance. This "Clearly Superior" design provides full view of the camcorder, control functions, and assurance the system is safe. The camera's large viewing screen can be seen easily using the External Mirror on the side of the housing. Just open the camera's LCD monitor, rotate 180º and fold back against the side of the camera. Actual image will be reversed when viewed through the mirror.

Fail-safe mechanical controls are provided for important camera functions. Access to the camera's touchscreen menu functions including white balance and manual focus is provided via two controls.

The tray and handles remove with just two nuts for packing. Includes two 3/8-16 threaded stud mounts with wing-nuts for attachment of PRO-2800, PRO-V8 or Pro Video mounting arms. Optional weighted bases are available for additional stability above and below water.


Controls: Power on/off, Record start/stop, Zoom, LCD touchscreen (2 controls), Snapshot, Auto/Manual switch

Size: 7.3in wide x 6.3in high x 7.9in deep

185 x 260 x 200mm

Size with controls and port; without tray and handles.

Weight: 6.3lb (2860g)

Buoyancy: Slightly negative in freshwater

Depth Rating: 200ft (60m)

 Port Size: 3.0" flat glass; 67mm external thread

Main O-Ring: 0109

Optional Filter: 6441.81 Green water filter for 3" ports

Batteries Accommodated: Canon BP-809, BP-819, BP-827


What's Included

Housing body

Aluminium tray and handles

(2) 3/8-16 threaded handle mounts with wing-nuts

Vinyl port cover

Silicone lubricant, 1cc tube

6441.41 colour correcting filter, blue water


Optional Weighted Bases:

9360.1* Base with 4.9oz weight

9360.2* Base with 1lb weight

* Requires 9360 toggle assembly, sold separately


Colour Correcting Filters: The included UR/Pro Colour Filter provides colour correction in tropical blue water with available sunlight up to 80 feet (24 meters). The optional filter 6441.81 is also available to achieve more natural tones in green water settings.

Lighting Options: Light is essential to bringing out the vibrancy and colours of underwater life in your video. Several options are available to add a video light to this system:

The Pro-V8 LED light is a compact and affordable 500 lumen video light. It easily doubles as a focus light and is compatible with any still or video system.

The PRO-2800 LED is the ultimate in output and angle of coverage. The compact light head produces an incredible 2800 lumens with a natural, daylight balanced colour temperature. The 100° flood light is free of hot spots. A detachable, rechargeable NiMH battery pack allows you to quickly change to a spare and keep shooting all day long.

External Wide Angle and Macro Lenses.: The housing port is threaded allowing the use of the optional 67mm threaded wide-angle and macro lenses.  Slight vignetting will be present in the widest angle setting when an external wide angle lens is attached.

Internal Wide Angle Lens Option: Special ports are available for use with Raynox DCR-730/DCR-731 high resolution wide-angle lens. Optional ports sold separately as dome port #9306 or flat lens port #9306.1. Raynox lens not included. Lens not available for purchase through us.

Hi-Definition Wide Angle Port Option: This is your choice for superior image quality. The #6480 Ikelite WP-80 Wide Angle Port is designed by world-renowned Fathom Imaging to deliver the ultimate in resolving power.


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