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Ikelite 4301 Nikon Adapter with Ikelite connector

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#4301 D2X Nikon Adapter with Ikelite connector

For Housings with Ikelite-Style TTL Bulkhead:
Adapter for Nikon D40, D50, D60, D70, D70S, D80, D90, D200, D300, D300s D700, D7000 or Fuji S5 Pro digital SLR cameras 
TTL adapters with Ikelite-style connectors on the housing end provide the best of everything: Nikon iTTL exposure combined with the industry favourite, proven rugged Ikelite strobe connector. 

Proven effective since its introduction in mid-2005, our Nikon iTTL conversion circuitry is now available for use with non-Ikelite housings. Let the camera adjust your Ikelite Substrobes while you focus on composition and enjoy the confidence of perfect exposure. 

Substrobe Compatibility:
Proper operation and TTL exposure requires use of a current-model Ikelite DS Substrobe. Every TTL adapter is equipped with a simple rotating switch that allows effortless toggling between TTL and manual exposure. When in TTL mode, exposure compensation may be accessed via the camera's built-in menus. Single or dual Substrobes may be connected to the adapter using an appropriate #4103.51 (single) or #4103.52 (dual) sync cord. Use of dual Substrobes requires a #4103.52 dual sync cord. Two Substrobes cannot be controlled by individual adapters even if the housing is equipped with two bulkhead connectors. Please note that strobe requirements may differ by adapter and camera models. TTL adapters are NOT intended for use with non-Ikelite and/or non-digital underwater strobes.

Housing Compatibility:
Ikelite TTL adapters are compatible with many brands of underwater camera housings that feature an external strobe connector. The housing must have either an Ikelite (ICS) style or standard Nikonos V style bulkhead connection. A 5-conductor TTL hotshoe for attachment to the camera is also required. Please refer to printed specifications or contact the product manufacturer or representative for specific information regarding the wiring of your housing. We cannot confirm proper wiring or operation of a non-Ikelite product.
TTL adapters are NOT intended for use with Ikelite brand underwater camera housings.



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