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Ikelite 4118.1 Housing to 1-Inon/Sea&Sea Strobe Cord

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#4118.1 Ikelite Digital Housing-to-One strobe Sync Cord
These cords connect Sea & Sea and Inon strobes to all Ikelite housings. They provide only manual strobe operation.

Using Inon or Sea & Sea Strobes
Strobes from INON or SEA & SEA can be connected with the following sync cords:
#4118.1 One strobe to Ikelite Housing
#4118.2 Two strobes to Ikelite Housing
These cords connect sync circuit only, providing only manual strobe operation. TTL operation is not possible with these cords and strobes. The #9571.3 Extended Mount image shown above allows attaching most 1" diameter arm systems to the Ikelite Release Handles.

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