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Ikelite 4116.31 Housing to 1-Nikonos Strobe Cord

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#4116.31 Digital Housing to one Nikonos strobe Sync Cord
These cords connect Nikonos strobes to all Ikelite housings. They provide only manual strobe operation.

Using Nikon Strobes
(Manual operation only with TTL conversion circuitry housings)
NIKONOS SB-103 and SB-105 strobe arms can be attached to the Release Handles with the #9575.4 and #0301.85* components shown below. Required sync cord numbers for Nikonos strobes are shown. Use with Ikelite dSLR housings that have TTL conversion circuitry requires special two-conductor Nikonos sync cords #4116.31 and #4116.32 identifiable by their blue band. 
*Please note that the #0301.85 bracket is no longer available. This information is for reference purposes only.

Strobes from Nikon can be connected with the following sync cords:
#4118.1 One strobe to Ikelite Housing
#4118.2 Two strobes to Ikelite Housing
These cords connect sync circuit only, providing only manual strobe operation. TTL is not possible with these strobes and cords. 

The #9571.3 Extended Mount shown above allows attaching most 1" diameter arm systems to the Ikelite Release Handles.

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