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Ikelite 4067.2 Battery Pack Li-Ion

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Ikelite #4067.2 Li-ion (2nd Gen) Battery Pack for DS161, DS160, DS125


Pre-order now for August 2015 release


State of the art Li-ion battery technology produces over 450 full power flashes at an unprecedented 1.4 second recycle time. The Ikelite proprietary quick-release toggle system attaches the battery pack with ease and confidence, making a flooded battery virtually impossible. The size of the DS161 is uniquely balanced to its weight to provide near neutral buoyancy in salt water, providing the most comfortable handling on the market and reducing arm fatigue.

Ikelite’s second generation of the Li-ion battery pack and charging system features the latest in cell conditioning technology to keep you on the go and improve the lifetime of the battery.

This battery pack is compatible with all existing Ikelite DS125, DS160 and DS161 Substrobes—no modifications or updates required. In order to take advantage of the updated cell conditioning circuitry, this battery pack requires the 4067.2.3 Smart Charger for Li-ion (2nd Gen), sold separately.

What's Included

Battery pack

Battery pack cover



7.4V 3900mAh Li-ion rechargeable cells

Packs produced through March 2014 were incorrectly labeled as 4500mAh. All Li-ion packs to date are actually 3900mAh.

Over 450 flashes per charge

5 hour recharge time

Weighs 1.1 lb (499 g)

Spare Parts

0132.36 O-ring


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