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Ikelite 4035 AF35 strobe package

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#4035 AF35 AutoFlash Primary Flash Kit 
Primary Kit includes AF35 strobe, flash diffuser, flex arm, built-in AutoFlash sensor, handle with rubber grip, single tray, tray mounting hardware and deflector material for non-Ikelite housings

Also available #4035.1 AF35 AutoFlash Secondary Flash Kit

The AF35 AutoFlash Kit is the choice in underwater strobe lighting for compact digital systems. No other system rivals it for affordability, durability and ease of use. Add a second strobe or video light to get the best results possible from any compact camera system.

"AutoFlash" Wireless TTL Exposure
The proprietary AutoFlash built-in sensor transmits data from the camera's flash to the AF35 strobe, varying the strobe's power automatically to replicate "TTL" exposure. The AutoFlash system is designed to the camera's pre-flash sequence to fire the strobe at the correct time and maximize output.

No fiber optic cable needed.

The AutoFlash sensor is positioned to provide the most reliable strobe triggering possible without exposed cables which require maintenance and can tangle or break.

Ergonomic styling
Two large, easy to read dials provide all of the settings necessary for control of the flash system. The AF35 strobe rear dial features OFF, Auto (TTL) plus six Manual Power settings. The AutoFlash sensor rear dial provides simple plus/minus EV exposure compensation in the Auto (TTL) mode.

The system's comfortable rubberized grip and neutral buoyancy make it a pleasurable addition to any housing. A flexible arm system allows quick repositioning of the strobe angle and adds no weight to the system.

Clear compatibility
The AF35 AutoFlash kit comes standard with everything needed to attach to Ikelite ULTRAcompact housings, some Ikelite Compact Digital housings as well as most OEM housings from Olympus, Canon, Sony and Panasonic.

The AutoFlash wireless TTL system is compatible with any camera which emits a pre-flash sequence (i.e. Most digital cameras produced in the past few years. Canon compact cameras emit a pre-flash sequence in all camera modes except "M" manual mode.)
The AF35 kit tray features two 12-24 mounting points spaced 3" apart for attachment to Ikelite housings. A central 1/4-20 tripod mounting point allows attachment to most non-Ikelite compact housings. Anti-rotation adapter plates are included for use with most Olympus, Sony or Canon housings. Other brand housings are un-tested and may exhibit rotation on the tray.

AF35 Specifications:
Energy Rating: 35 watt-seconds
Coverage Angle: 70°; 80° with diffuser
Firing Modes: Auto (TTL), Full (Manual), 5 Fractional powers
Guide # feet (ISO 100): 28 surface; 16 underwater
meters (ISO 100): 9 surface; 5 underwater
Colour Temp: 5700K
Batteries: 4 "AA" Alkaline / NiCad / NiMH (not included)
# of Flashes: 300 full power
Recycle Time: 2.5 seconds
Weight in Air: 590g (20oz)
Strobe Size: 8 x 12cm (3.2 x 4.7in)
Depth Rating: 90m (300ft)

Adding a second AF35 strobe:
#4035.1 AF35 AutoFlash Secondary Flash Kit Kit includes AF35 strobe, flash diffuser, flex arm, built-in AutoFlash sensor, handle with rubber grip, dual tray, tray mounting hardware and deflector material for non-Ikelite housings. Add a second strobe for more power and broader, more even coverage especially when using a wide angle lens. The #4035.1 Secondary Flash Kit includes a dual tray along with the right-hand flash assembly. Requires #4035 Primary Flash Kit with left-hand flash assembly to form a complete dual-strobe system.

Adding a focus or video light:
Add #9523.42 dual tray with flex mount and #6320 Pro-V8 LED Video Lite to aid in focus and improve the quality of your underwater video.

Spare Parts:
#0561.2 Flash Diffuser (included with the kits)
#9440.45 Battery Door & O-Ring Assembly 
#9523.06 Mounting Hardware
Includes all tray mounting screws and anti-rotation adapter plates.

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