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Ikelite 1400.8 NiMH Battery Pack

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#1400.8 NiMH SpD Battery Pack

- Powers the SpD 50W Dive Lite or the Pro Video Lite 3. This compact and lightweight battery has neutral buoyancy underwater.
- Fits in a soft battery pouch that attaches the pack to a weight belt, tank strap #1401.3, or the bottom of an Ikelite video housing.
For single battery pouch (without battery) go to #1401.1; for double battery pouch (without batteries) go to #1401.2

Size: 6cm x 20cm long (2" x 8")
Batteries: 13 volt 5.0 a/h NiMH
Weight in air: 1 kg (2.3 pounds)
Weight underwater: .3 kg (12 ounces)
Depth rating: 90m (300 feet)
Electrical connection points: 2

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